The #1 link sales software for your link sales transactions!

Link Sales Manager is the first stand-alone link sales software to easily manage your link sales transactions. Secure your business data with our Link Sales Manager!

With its robust features, now you can keep track of transactions, do your link sales business at ease, and focus on making profits.

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  • Learn from the Pro

    Link Sales Manager is a link sales software made from the knowledge of real and professional PTR. Their best practice in selling links are finally carved into a software to help keep track of your transactions in PTR business at ease.

  • Secure Your Own Data

    Your data is stored in local storage. You will be the owner of your data and your link sales transactions will not be shared with other user. No internet connection needed while using Link Sales Manager other than just once, in every billing cycle.

  • Full Support

    Have problems? Why not contact us? Or if it is a new idea for our Link Sales Manager, than it's even better. That's how we made this software possible, by listening to you... and your ideas.

  • See How You Perform

    If you want to know how much you've earned for a certain year, the Link Sales Manager's report is there for you. The report will be available in monthly data for a year of transactions.

  • No More Forgotten Links & Blogs

    Link Sales Manager track your expired links and blogs. You will be reminded about those expired links every time you run the LSM. Forgotten links means wasted money on your blogs. We don't want that, do we? Then try Link Sales Manager now!

  • User friendly design

    Link Sales Manager is designed to help your link sales business. So we try to make it as easy as possible for you. LSM is divided by sections: transactions, blogs, and bloggers (for broker version). Once you understand how to use it, you will love doing your PTR business. Because everything is managed.

See what our customers are saying...

  • Just about time my PTR business grows, with hundreds of blogs and thousands of link sales transactions, I was introduced to Link Sales Manager! I wasn't satisfied with all my Excels. I used to check all of the transactions manually, and even forgot some links sometimes. After using LSM, all I need to do is input/import the transactions to the software and then no worries. LSM will remind me. Superb software!

    Nanda, Link Sales Professional
  • Great software that comes with a great support!! Just what I need. If only I've known Link Sales Manager earlier.

  • It's like what they said: no more forgotten links! Great PTR software and I feel good about my PTR business right now

    Setyo, Internet Marketer
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